Am I a BUT Muslim?

Verse 19, Surah Mulk:

Have they not looked at the birds above them spreading their wings, and (at times) they fold (them) in? No one holds them up except Ar-Rahmaan.

Nowadays you so commonly hear the statement, “yes Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) does, but according to this zoologist or this researcher, the wings of the bird cuts the air, causing an aerofoil phenomenon, enabling the bird to uplift and the tail of the bird contributes to its stability thus holding the bird up in the air in this way, yet we do not ponder over the weight of this little three lettered word, BUT. Let us analyse what we have actually done to our imaan in this statement of ours, we have totally removed Allah from the equation and attributed the flight of the bird to the means rather than the creator of the means. We have delved so far into creation with the usage of the word ‘but’, that we have forgotten the creator.

Let us consider the following example to put us into perspective.

Two passengers board a plane, one an Aalim, who spent a major portion of his life in a Daarul Uloom and next to him is seated a well-dressed Aeronautical engineer clad in his haughty tuxedo. Puffing out his chest, the engineer starts a discussion of a very educated nature, he approaches the Aalim on the discussion of the engines, with a whim of pride he boasts, “you see these engines, within lies so many different fans and blades, these blades spinning at a speed of 100 000 revolutions per minute creating thrust, and as for these wings they open and close in this way and that way and this is how the plane goes up.” The Aalim is quiet through the engineers educated outburst, the Aalim silently recites his travelling duas, as the plane begins its taxi down the runaway, he ponders over the qudrat of Allah (Subhana Wa Tala). As this plane takes off and starts ascending, the Aalim reads Allahu Akbar! Whilst in mid-air the Aalim glorifies Allah (Subhana Wa Tala). Suddenly, the plane engines seize, the passengers and the plane are momentarily stunned as they are jolted out of their comforts and the plane plunges downward. Both the Aalim and the engineer embarked on a journey from Dubai to Heathrow, yet the Aalim’s final destination is Jannah, whereas the engineer’s ….?

Let us assess the word but, when used in context, it has a very deep connotative meaning. In the aforementioned Aayah of the noble quraan, Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) states, “no one holds up these birds but (except) Allah (Subhana Wa Tala).” This negates everyone and everything. No science nor
does any engineer do anything except with the permission of Allah (Subhana Wa Tala). Laa Ilaaha Illallah, there is no might nor power except Allah (Subhana Wa Tala).

An example is given. A man tells his wife, “my dear, you know I usually dislike Khury Kitchree (an Indian dish), BUT when you make it, it is really tasty. Look at the effect of the word BUT when used appropriately. How happy the wife would be on hearing this? Whereas a man on the other hand tells his wife, “I really like a certain dish, BUT when you prepare it, OH NO!” Now look at the damaging effect this trivial three lettered word can have when misused.

Let us do a small check to see if we are a BUT WHAT IF Muslim.

  • When I was starting off in business, I had my business plan and everything ready, the bank was offering a very gracious loan so I said to myself, “yes I know Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) is the provider, but what if I don’t get started, how am I going to start this business, so never mind, I’ll just take this loan, I will make Taubah and Istighfaar and pay it off soon.” On one hand I am saying, yes Allah is the provider, but I am still using the haram Asbaab.
  • Then Allah blesses me, my business is thriving. Now the thought comes, I currently am renting so rather let me buy a house. The bank is there, offering a loan, an interest bearing haram loan and I know that delving into interest is haram. I know fully well and also it is a statement on my tongue that Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) is the provider however, I think to myself, BUT what if I don’t get a house like this, how many years have I been waiting, what if I miss this opportunity, so I go and sign on the dotted line knowing full well that I have signed a war with Allah (Subhana Wa Tala).
  • Few years down the line, Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) blesses me with children, I have a daughter for example, and she is Baaligha, it is haram for me to send her to school scantily clad with the dress of the kuffar institute, yet I send her. Later on I send her to university, when someone asks me, brother what are you doing sending your daughter to university, I tell them, yes I know fully well that Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) is the provider, but what if when she gets married and something goes wrong, then how is she going to earn. Based only on my but what if suspicion, I made use of the system that the kuffar have thrown have thrown at us.
  • Then time came for them to be married, Nabi (Sallalahu alayhi wasallam) has said that when the match is found then Nikah should be hastily done, however we delay and bring forth a justification that, BUT what if this person or that person won’t be happy, so rather we’ll wait, we even at times wait a few months, half year or more, totally disregarding what our Nabi (Sallalahu alayhi wasallam) has said, BUT no problem.
  • So many aspects like this, I got my house and my car, I know that Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) is the protector, if someone has to ask me, who protects your house or who protects your car, without flinching I would tell them Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) does, yet I still went and took out Insurance. Now when someone asks us as to why are we delving into Haram Asbaab, I blatantly tell them, BUT what if my house has to burn down or I have to meet in an accident, how am I going to replace my assets. I have made myself in charge of protecting my assets, I have completely removed Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) from the equation.

Now let us look at how we have watered down our Imaan, we blatantly state, “yes Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) does, BUT….” We have completely negated the power of Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) with this one BUT.

May Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) grant us strong Imaan and the Taufeeq to place our trusts and reliance solely and only on our almighty Allah Tala. Ameen.

Our beloved Nabi Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam said something to the effect that if you place your trust in Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) just as how the birds have placed their total trust and reliance on Allah, then Allah (Subhana Wa Tala) would provide for you as he provides for the birds. They leave their nests in the morning with empty stomachs and return in the evening satiated.