October 6, 2017


Maintaining alignment on Siraat Mustaqeem
Hadeeth :
أَكْثِرُوا ذِكْرَ هَاذِمِ اللَّذَّاتِ.
We have to ponder over the life that is to come after this world. In the Hadeeth we are told to remember excessively that thing which will end all pleasures. (ie. Death)
The Deception of Shaitaan and the evil self is to keep a person focused only on this world, resulting in him/her becoming either arrogant with the things of this world or despondent with the tests of this world. In this world we need to be patient and do what Allahﷻ desires. In the Hereafter, Allah Taala in turn, will allow us to do as we desire.