October 27, 2017

A Paradigm shift in our thinking

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TITLE : A Paradigm shift in our Thinking

Atrocities and Natural disasters should increase our Imaan as Allah Taala assures us that there is going to be tests. The Hadeeth confirms that as we come closer to Qiyaamat we will see an increase in Natural disasters, wars etc. The cause for our despondency is due to a paradigm shift in our thinking.We have made wealth and life very important. We can tolerate anything except the loss of wealth or life. We have become so immersed in materialism that we forgot what our journey in this life is all about. Loss of life or losing something is not a problem. Allah Taala compensates the believer in the Hereafter for it. We have to start looking at situations with the eyes of the Aakhirat, then we will see the reality of things.

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