December 22, 2017

Holidays: Mindset of a Believer

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Venue: Masjid Taqwa, Pietermaritzburg

The world is the Jannat of the Kaafir, so his object in life is to explore it.There is no harm in taking a break/change of routine,but as a believer the following things should be kept in mind.
1.First save for your first Hajj.
2.Go/Save for Umrah
3.Visit the 3rd Haram? Musjid Aqsaa?
4.Increase understanding of Islamic history, Visit Museums in Turkey
5.Local Holiday, make trips to visit family members. It is as if one is in the part of Allah Taala.
6.Choose Destinations that are not busy.
7.Choose times when there’s no fitnah & fasaad.
8. Have a Holiday in your own home:
Change routines, drives, Things that needed to be sorted out in the home.
9.Most Importantly:
Spend Quality time with your Family
And NEVER post the kids/wife/husband off to some resort etc. Be EXTREMELY mindful of our children.
Stay away from places of fitnah

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