October 20, 2017

Lessons Learnt From Bangladesh

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Lessons learnt From Bangladesh

1.Strenghten our Brotherhood of Imaan amongst families, friends, neighbours etc.
2.Realise the fragility & temporariness of this world.
In a split second, Allahﷻ can make anything happen.Dont break the commands of Allahﷻ because of this world.
3.Their condition, should remind us, what our condition will be on Qiyaamat.
4.We ONLY have Allahﷻ. NOBODY can do ANYTHING for us.
5.Person who leaves one Salaah, is worse off than a person in that camp. Hadeeth states that it is as if he has lost his entire family and belongings.
6. Protect ourselves & families from doubting in Allahﷻ . Have Taleem in the home. Expose them to good programs and company.

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