Hajj is a journey of love and submission. From a perspective of logic, it would be easier to perform Hajj in other months, when it is less congested. However, we never do this, as it is from the submission of a believer to regularly defy logic and follow the commands of Allah instead. That is true servitude.

The pilgrims leave behind majority of their belongings to make a journey to Allah’s house. There they go from staying in a hotel, to sleeping in tents in Mina and on the ground in Muzdalifah, with the sand as their bed and the sky as their roof. Yet in such a humble state, they are happy – a happiness unachievable back home where our luxuries are.

That is because our sadness and stress in this world is due to our lack of deen, not lack of dunya. We don’t have Allah in our hearts as much as we should, so we live life with little reliance in Allah causing much worry. The entire journey consists of leaving behind luxuries and adopting simplicity. Even the Ihram consists of just two simple white cloths. It is a lesson for our hearts – in simplicity followed by worship, lies peace and happiness.

Thereafter in arafah, they raise their hands before Allah. Throughout the journey they may not remember our names in their duas, but they will remember the entire Ummah in general. Hazrat Ml. Yunus Patel (RA) would say that they are like delegates sent from all over the world. Allah has invited them to His court, to present the case of the Ummah to Him and to seek forgiveness on our behalf. Upon completing the rituals, they return home like a baby that has just been born – forgiven and pure.

So, this journey of Hajj, is a journey of love and submission. Not every believer can go due to various reasons, but we must at least have the desire. To be able to go is the grace of Allah upon us, He blesses whomsoever He wishes. May we soon be amongst them.

— Hazrat Ml. Dawood Seedat حفظه الله