Reopening of Musjids in South Africa

Alhamdulillah Allah Taala out of His fadhl and Karam has made the asbaab for our masaajid to reopen insha Allah.

All of us should read at least 2 rakaats salaatush shukr and thank Allah Taala for this great bounty.

Secondly we should try and give some sadaqah.

Most importantly remember, Allah Taala is giving us another chance. We must now make a firm resolve to really value our masaajid and menfolk should ensure that all salaah are performed with jamaat in the Musjid.

May Allah Taala forgive our shortcomings and take us from strength to strength as an ummah, unite our hearts on Haq and give us the taufeeq to always uphold our deen. Aameen