October 2, 2017
We should never be satisfied that we have Ikhlaas and neither should we think that we have reached the stages of the Auliyaa. Shaytaan attacks different people in different ways.…
When a person makes Mujahadah for Deen against the Nafs, Allah rewards and creates Noor in the hearts. Allah Ta’ala is Samee’, Baseer and Khabeer, so whatever a believer does…


September 18, 2017
Begin good deeds with the intention of the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. Check intention during and after the action. Make tauba from Riyaa. If Allah Ta’ala gives us the taufeeq…
1. Don’t get involved in something that does not concern you 2. When we are not sure of any statement of anyone, go to the source and sort it out…

Improving Oneself

September 4, 2017
We have to continue trying to improve ourselves till the day we die. It is a lifetime effort. No person can say they reached the pinnacle of Islaah. It is…


August 28, 2017
Any Ibaadat done in these days of Zhul Hijjah, a person will get the Thawaab of Laylatul Qadr. When we look at Deen we are looking at the outer and…

Talk Zikr And Dua

August 21, 2017

Talk, Zikr and Dua

August 14, 2017

Zikr Majlis

July 31, 2017