February 23, 2018

Trust in Allah ﷻ ,Taqdeer & Turning Negative situations into positive ones

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Nabi ﷺ Tells Abdullah bin Abbaas radhiallahu anhu "I will teach you some words, (we understand that some ta'leem /advices etc. whilst on safar is also sunnah) Be wary of the injunctions of Allah, Allah will take care of you.Be mindful of Allah's laws, you will find him with you. When you need to ask, ask from Allah. When you seek assistance, then seek from Allah. Note well, if the entire populace wants to benefit you, they cannot, except to the extent that Allah decreed, and if they gather to harm you, they will be unable to do so, except to the extent that Allah has decreed. The pens have been lifted and the scrolls have dried(referring to taqdeer).