Timetable That One Can Follow During The Days Of The Lockdown

We are all aware that governments around the world have placed severe restrictions on the movement of their citizens due to the Corona virus pandemic. As a result of the restrictions, places of worship have been placed in the category of those that need to be closed as per the government imposed restrictions. While there is a need for us to follow the law, as responsible citizens, it does not mean that our responsibility as ummati’s of Nabi (S. A. W.) are also locked down. There is no lock down in the system of Allah Taala. The angel of death is not locked down. As responsible ummati’s, we need to turn to Allah Taala and to bring our actions in line so as to attract the mercy of Allah Taala. Many of us will find ourselves at home during this period. We should use it to put our a’maal in order and get a system of ibaadat embedded in our lives and more so with Ramadan right around the corner. An easy way to do this is by making a time table and sticking to it rigidly.

• Make salaah straight after the Adhaan. Do not
• Read all salaah with Jamaat in your home
• Read all the sunnan and nawaafil for each salaah

After Maghrib
• Minimum 4 rakaats Awabeen salaah
• Recite the evening duas
• Recite Surah Waqiah
• Partake of supper, being mindful of following the
sunnat way of eating.

After Esha
• Recite Surah Sajda and Surah Mulk
• Have some short taaleem, on sleeping in the sunnat
way etc
• Prepare to go to bed. Do not waste time.
• Engage in Muraqaba e Maut. Read 1 or 2 Hadith
from the kitaab Shauq e Watan if one has it, or any
other kitaab pertaining to death.
• Engage in Muhasaba for a few moments
• Sleep.
Rise for Tahajjud salaah. Though it is not Fardh, we must
endeavor to do so. Try to rise about 1.5hrs before Fajr.
• Read the Tahajjud salaah
• Engage in Zikr. (Those who are bay’at with MOULANA DAWOOD SEEDAT should recite baara tasbeeh)
• Method for baara tasbeeh is :
200 x 1st Kalima
400 x Illallah
600 x Allah Allah
100 x Allah slowly
• Make dua

After Fajr
• Recite Surah Yaseen
• Recite morning duas
• Quran Shareef tilaawat
• Read Ishraaq salaah
Assist the wife with household chores and do so with the
intention of practicing on the sunnat.
Don’t fall into a pattern of laziness by sleep the entire

In the course of the day
• Engage in reciting an abundance of Durood Shareef
and Isthigfaar.
• Recite the Manzil, and blow on the children
• Recite the 40 Durood and Salaam of Sheikh Zakariah
• Recite the Munajat e Maqbool
At around 11.15 / 11.30am have taaleem.
• Revision of Surahs
• Read the tafseer of 1 or 2 ayaat of Quran Shareef
• Read from Ma’ariful Hadith
• Read a few masaa’il from Behishti Zewar
• Read from any good Seeah kitaab on the life of Nabi (S. A. W.)
Between 12.15 and 12.45pm there may be a seerah
discussion over streaming. Please do not wait for this
program specifically. Continue with your own reading
regardless of whether there is a program being

After Zuhr
• Quran Shareef tilaawat
• Isthigfaar
• Qailullah for not longer than 1 hour
For the rest of the afternoon engage with the children.
Play with them. Try to do some physical exercises.
After Asr
• Quran Shareef tilaawat
• Engage in Zikr
• Engage in dua for some time before Maghrib

• Keep your cool. Remember men, you are in your
wife’s domain. She has perfected her own system for
her house. Do not “advise” her or try to change
anything. Remain calm and level headed.
• Keep your character in check at all times.
• Do not get stuck with the phone. Spend the absolute
bear minimum time with the phone.
• Don’t get involved with watching TV and streaming on YouTube etc. In fact now is the time to be getting rid of the TV from the home. This is our duty as responsible ummati’s. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you may be viewing a so called Islamic channel.

At this time, we need to be responsible ummati’s and turn to Allah Taala. Use this time to connect with Allah Taala and bring our lives, and those of our family, in accordance with the law of Allah Taala. Recognize our Allah Taala. Allah Taala has sent an army of invisible germs that has brought the world, together with its super powers, to its knees.
Make thaubah and turn to Allah Taala.